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Dr. Meredith Sagan is a trained holistic psychiatrist who integrates medical, holistic and spiritual practices to create transformational and sustainable change. Dr. Sagan has transformed all sorts of lives, from people struggling with addictions and anxiety to those who needed her help with their relationships or work performance and confidence. Her workshops reflect her highly intuitive approach and embody her years of experience to help the public find fulfillment in life, to train practitioners to find deeper meaning in their work, and to create a movement around re-envisioning the mental health system as an agent for positive social change and public upliftment. Join the movement by attending one of Dr. Sagan’s workshops and engaging in her online community!


Dr. Sagan’s workshops are for physicians, clinical psychologists, therapists and any practitioner who would like to bring deeper levels of mindfulness into their practice. See below for upcoming workshops:

Clinical Reasoning CEU Workshop, Malibu 2018 – Coming soon!

Clinical reasoning is the most fundamental skill used to make a diagnosis. However, the overall diagnostic error rate remains unacceptably high. While clinical reasoning is taught in graduate school, it is crucial that clinical psychologists continue to maintain, develop, and grow their clinical reasoning skills to avoid diagnostic mistakes and set up successful courses for treatment.

This workshop is intended to teach clinical psychologists the necessary foundation and framework to build and cultivate clinical reasoning skills in order to diagnose and develop a successful treatment plan. Topics addressed will include the importance of clinical reasoning skills, how to develop therapeutic rapport through deep listening, gathering information holistically during the diagnostic interview, specific mindfulness techniques to use during the clinical reasoning process, and setting up a trajectory for the course of treatment.

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Dr. Sagan’s Facebook Community

“I am rallying the mental health community to come together and start a discussion about the causes of mental health issues and ways that you have found of making things better. In this community, please share who you are and your method or perspective on mental health promotion. Your contribution to the discussion will be heard, shared, and brought to life as it catches on with other leaders in our community. Nowhere else will you find the voices of tomorrow’s mental health leaders all gathered in one place. Together we are aligning our visions to bring a new era to the masses, in which mental health hygiene is as essential as physical hygiene.” – Dr. Meredith Sagan 

Dr. Sagan has an online Facebook community for people who want to come together to Re-Envision Mental Health. The Re-Envisioning Mental Health Movement empowers the mental health system and its practitioners as agents for social change to teach the public mindfulness-based self resiliency skills. Dr. Meredith Sagan created this movement because she envisions the future of mental health to be mindfulness based where every practitioner is practicing mindfulness for themselves and teaching it to their clients. The practice of mindfulness leads to inner growth and transformation by helping one move away from poor habits and patterns and into a more functional self. Mindfulness training helps to change what’s not working in life, and it takes a lifetime of work.

Would you like to be a thought leader in your field and re-envision the mental health system? Dr. Sagan invites you to join the movement to Re-Envision Mental Health if you are a practitioner or passionate individual looking for such change.

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