Meredith Sagan, MD

Dr. Sagan has been transforming people’s lives for over 15 years. Through her practice as a holistic psychiatrist and 25 year commitment to studying alternative healing practices, Dr. Sagan has found that the common cause of people’s stress, anxiety and mental health issues stem from a lack of connection with their core self, and that bringing people into greater alignment with themselves can alleviate the symptoms of mental issues, addictions, trauma and anxiety.

Driven by a passion to help people heal from stress and mental health issues, Dr. Sagan has traveled around the world to explore diverse approaches to healing and self-mastery. After studying with shamans, spiritual leaders, and yoga masters, Dr. Sagan realized that current leading methods often treat people at a conceptual level to suppress symptoms, rather than addressing their core need for lasting inner transformation. This inspired Dr. Sagan to create MindAlign, a pioneering movement based method that teaches people mindfulness based self-regulation skills to align their mind in the present moment for sustainable self-regulation and inner alignment. By guiding people into deeper self-knowledge, MindAlign thereby manages the root cause of many modern day issues stemming from inner and outer disconnection.

MindAlign is a revolutionary system where Dr. Sagan integrates the best of her spiritual and medical learnings into simple, practical strategies to help people heal from trauma, stress and anxiety and improve their success and fulfilment in life. The MindAlign method helps clients come into deeper alignment with themselves and others, get out of reactivity and stress, and become aware of their own inner wisdom and holistic system intelligence. The ability to access this and their own intuition has helped to set them on a path for greater fulfillment and happiness. Dr. Sagan has achieved extraordinary results in using the MindAlign method to change people’s lives for the better including treating more extreme situations such as trauma and addiction.

MindAlign is successful because it is mindfulness and movement based. MindAlign utilizes self-embodiment practices, which is a practice of mindfully connecting with the body using dynamic movement work, integrated with educational and conceptual work. This practice is a powerful way to create transformation because it starts with a physical shift, not just an intellectual one. Dr. Sagan has not only taught thousands of clients these practices, but she also practices self-embodiment and connecting to her own emotional world and inner truth to come into a higher alignment and success in her own life.

Dr. Sagan’s vision is for everyone to realize their potential and expand into a higher level of inner alignment to achieve greater success and fulfilment in life. The simple and practical strategies MindAlign offers will transform your relationships, confidence and success no matter what you are dealing with. This system is designed for everyone to be able to make sustainable change no matter where you are on your unique journey. Additionally, Dr. Sagan created this new methodology with the intention to re-envision mental health and empower practitioners to become agents of social change by integrating mindfulness and movement into their practice. Dr. Sagan has brought this vision to life by creating the MindAlign Institute where anyone can access and learn MindAlign. Click below to learn more about the programs offered at the institute!

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