Dr. Meredith Sagan is pioneering the field of holistic psychiatry, where every individual is seen as a whole: physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. She transforms people’s levels of happiness and fulfilment by teaching them mindfulness based self-direction skills to be able to receive their inner knowledge for how to intelligently self-direct their life in order to thrive.


Dr. Sagan created the Mindfulness Based Self-Direction (MBSD) method to help people holistically approach life’s challenges as turning points for personal growth and transformation. Dr. Sagan’s pioneering movement-based methodology teaches practical strategies for self-regulation, the key to self-directing to make desired changes in your relationships, career, health and fulfillment in life.



Dr. Sagan is offering a one time medical assessment via Telehealth for you to understand the type of treatment you should be pursuing. This medical assessment is up to the discretion of Dr. Sagan, and she will provide a written report to be given to one of her treatment recommendations. In the future, Dr. Sagan will also be opening up appointments to take on clients via Telehealth.


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