The Re-Envisioning Mental Health Movement is advancing the mental health system by empowering practitioners to become agents of social change through integrating mindfulness into their practice. Dr. Sagan envisions a future where every practitioner practices mindfulness in order to relate to clients from their holistic systems intelligence, improving clinical reasoning, diagnosis, prescribing, and treatment. Practitioners with mindfulness training will then teach clients mindfulness-based resilience skills to self-regulate emotional states on their own. If you are passionate about strengthening our mental health care system with mindfulness training too, Dr. Sagan invites you to join the movement to Re-Envision Mental Health.


Dr. Sagan founded the MindAlign Institute to help people holistically approach life’s challenges as turning points for personal growth and transformation. Dr. Sagan’s pioneering movement-based methodology teaches practical strategies for mindfulness based self-regulation (MBSR), the key to self-mastery in your relationships, career, health and fulfillment in life. With MBSR you can beat stress and anxiety, create more happiness and success under any life circumstances, and cultivate inner and outer connection to start thriving as your best self in all areas of life. Through the triad of education, mentorship and community, MindAlign provides everything you need to achieve your potential.


Dr. Meredith Sagan is pioneering the field of holistic psychiatry, where every individual is seen as a whole: physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. She transforms people’s levels of happiness and fulfilment by teaching them mindfulness based self-regulation skills to come out of stress, anxiety and other reactive patterns, to come into greater alignment with themselves, their higher purpose and their inner knowing. Dr. Sagan integrates medical, holistic and spiritual practices to create transformational and sustainable change. She is passionate about healing her patients naturally, prescribing medication when needed, and encouraging a path of continuous personal growth.

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