The Re-Envisioning Mental Health Movement empowers the mental health system and its practitioners as agents for social change to teach the public mindfulness-based self resiliency skills. Dr. Meredith Sagan created this movement because she envisions the future of mental health to be mindfulness based where every practitioner is practicing mindfulness for themselves and teaching it to their clients. Would you like to be a thought leader in your field and re-envision the mental health system? Dr. Sagan invites you to join the movement to Re-Envision Mental Health if you are a practitioner or passionate individual looking for such change.


The MindAlign Institute for Presence Based Learning was founded by Dr. Meredith Sagan based on her belief that life’s challenges are opportunities for personal growth and transformation, rather than obstacles. The MindAlign Institute nurtures these moments of growth by teaching mindfulness as a Pathway to Presence using its pioneering MindAlign Method, which is a philosophy, a program, and a way of life. Through a TRIAD of education, mentorship, and community, the MindAlign Institute equips you with skills to shift yourself out of reactivity and into the present moment in order to be more effective in your personal and professional lives.


Dr. Meredith Sagan is pioneering the field of holistic psychiatry, where every individual is seen as a whole: physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. She transforms people’s’ levels of happiness and fulfilment by teaching them mindfulness skills to come out of stress and anxiety and into greater alignment with themselves, their higher purpose and their inner knowing. Dr. Sagan integrates medical, holistic and spiritual practices to create transformational and sustainable change. She is passionate about healing her patients naturally, prescribing medication when needed, and encouraging a path of personal growth.


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